Do You Enjoy A Fly Fancy Lifestyle? Then Why’s Your Doorbell So Vanilla?

Oh Saturday Night Live… You crack me up!

[youtube=] Sorry I couldn’t embed a better recording of this snl skit, the Hulu video wouldn’t work, but if you want to see this in better quality here is the link.

Anyways… Ahahah Tina, Tina sort of has a point. I mean why have a bland doorbell when you can have a pretty one? The Doorbell Factory has all sorts of great doorbell covers that could spice up any home! Below are a few I particularly like.


  1. says

    What a nice surprise to see my Pam doorbell cover (woman with nose) on your blog. Thanks for including it. I agree, why have a plain old doorbell button on your door? Show some originality& have some fun!
    Rosalie Sherman
    Rosalie Sherman Designs

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