Typos Are The New Black

Okay, so normally I tend to avoid typos. I still have memories of my high school English teacher scolding me about lazy mistakes. He was a scary man, so for me typos generally equal bad, very bad. Furthermore, in my personal opinion their will NEVER be a new black. Or at least not until their is another color that is compliant enough to be flattering to as many styles as; elegant, sexy, emo, classic, rock & roll, slutty, mysterious, goth, punk, and so much more!

Anyways, I’m getting off topic. Back to typos. Contrary to my rigorous English training in high school, they actually serve a good purpose! See for yourself, right here. Typos can help you find bargains on e-bay. It’s a helpful thing to know while in the midst of designing a home, which can be a pricey project. Bargains are always a relief.

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