keaneI’m typically a pretty lazy person. I am a bum, if you will. If I have the option to sit around all day in my pj’s just watching TV or reading a book, well i’ll take that option in a heartbeat. It’s not that I don’t like doing things. In fact, I like to do all sorts of energy consuming things. I like to; kayak, go to concerts, ski, shop, do yoga,  go camping, and run. This is why I have friends, because they motivate me to get off my lazy rump and go live my life. I also really like to cook. Unfortunately, this is one department where my friends do not help me prevail through my lazy nature. With friends, I either get spoiled and have them cook for me or just go out to eat. When left to fend for myself, I let my sluggish side take over and cook the easiest and fastest thing possible. Which is too bad, because I love good food. However, the kitchen displayed above is absolutely fantastic! It makes me want to change my ill-fated ways and  concoct something luscious. The wood is gorgeous, the counter tops are pristine, and the windows are bright and uplifting. I imganine myself in this kitchen thinking about all the marvelous things to be made, like; dumplings, cakes, pastries, casseroles, stews, the options are endless! And I’m slightly melodramatic. Although, you’ve got to admit, it’s a nice kitchen.

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