I think I may have an addictive personality. Fortunately, it works out for me. Well, other than my addiction to coffee, I usually just end up jittery after drinking coffee, but with a satiated craving. As for the addiction that does work for me, that is shopping and no, I’m not broke because of it. This is because I don’t desire just any purchase, I desire the perfect purchase. For this reason, I always spend time browsing through stores, shopping online, and looking for stuff that I really want. What I have learned is, that always being on the look out really works for me. I generally get what I want because I have seen so many options and know I am picking my absolute favorite item. My suggestion to you is, embrace my addiction. In fact, I am peer pressuring you to become a shopaholic. I’ll help you start. Below are links to things I’ve been looking at lately. Still not sure of exactly what I want, but seeing all my options is certainly helping me decide.

Timber Frames




Anything else that comes to your mind, just Google it!

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