Green Grass Grows On Carpets & Shoes

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You are now leaving stylisholmesYou are now leaving stylisholmesDo you love being barefoot, or having the fresh naturalistic feel of grass on your feet? Well now you can have that all the time! If you are being forced to wear shoes, well at least it doesn’t have to feel like your wearing shoes. Even better, when you get out of the shower step on to the soft surface of a moss & grass carpet. The best part, you will never have to clean it! The water that drips off from you after your shower helps it grow. The moss carpet would be fantastic in a timber home. The wood and the grass in combination would be so natural and refreshing. Personally, I love the idea. I think being outdoors is the best. These two things are a great way to embrace the feeling of being in nature even when inside. Plus, they are simply a cool idea.

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