I Love Things That Seem Impossible

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One of my favorite bands, The Cat Empire, has a song lyric that says, “Well I love things that seem impossible”. I adore those words because they ring true for me in every aspect of my life. Mostly, I enjoy the lyrics in relation to the more important things that seem impossible, like; an impossible love, or an impossible dream. When what seems impossible turns out to be possible, the rewarding feel is awesome. I mostly enjoy the accomplishment that comes along with big things, but I also enjoy it for the more trivial things. For example, these stairs. Something about them seems impossible. They appear to be floating in midair, yet they are stable. It’s definitely a cool concept. The first time I ascended the stairs, I would probably feel nervous, but it would totally be worth it. Plus, they look beautiful!

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2 Replies to “I Love Things That Seem Impossible”

  1. Thanks for reading my blog! I just found yours and love your ideas. I too am fascinated by unusual things… have you see the glass staircase in the Apple store in NY? I was there a few years ago and it is bizarre to walk on. You could feel the steps moving and they blocked off walking under them… my guess is from people looking up skirts! here is a link if your interested…

  2. Oh my goodness, I had never seen those, but they are awesome! I think you’re probably right about the people looking up skirts thing. That’s quite a comical issue about the glass staircases. It never occurred to me, but yes, wearing a dress to the Apple store could get tricky.

    Also, it’s my pleasure to read your blog! It’s great fun (=

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