In the spirit of my Sherlock Holmes style quest for a beautiful home, I found something quite sneaky, and beautiful.  Creative Home Engineering has designed; bookcase, wall, fireplace,  and armoire secret passageways! The endless possibilities for fun that these passages provide is overwhelming. If your creepy, furtive, or a secret agent you could hide an entire room from the world. Or, if your like me, you could just use the passageways for fun. For example, you could play tricks on house guests, who I’m assuming would never jump to the conclusion that an entire other room is hidden behind a bookcase. Which is not nice, but very funny. Oh, and people have also speculated that they are a good investment as a means of avoiding burglary. This is because someone can’t steal from an unknown room. Although, I’m still in it for the fun.

You are now leaving stylisholmesYou are now leaving stylisholmesYou are now leaving stylisholmes

The best part, if your willing to cough up the dough, buying one of these secret passageways is quite possible. Creative Home Engineering is located in Arizona, but sell their products all over the world. So cool!

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