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Embroidered Hoop Wall Art

Fun DIY Project!

I was looking through the Desire To Inspire blog, like I often do, and found a great DIY decor project. The idea is to use embroidered hoops as wall art. The best part, it’s so simple! It’s a unique idea that people can personalize to their own taste.


All you need is a wood embroidery hoop, glue, scissors, and fabric that is at least 2” wider than your hoop of choice in all directions.


Turn the hoop upside down and then glue around the entire inside of the hoop. Next, pull the fabric tightly over the top side of the hoop and then press the edges inward firmly against the glue. Let it dry, and then trim the extra fabric.

Possible Fabric Choice
Possible Fabric Choice
Wood Embroidery Hoop
Wood Embroidery Hoop

Where To Find The Materials

I found the wood hoop online at JOANN Fabric & Craft store. Some hoops, like the one I displayed, you don’t even have to go through the glueing process. They are made to hold the fabrics. Easy! Also, I found my choice of fabric at, they have many more options!

Just Do It!

This project is easy, pretty, and fun! I highly suggest trying it out if you are looking for something to do or an easy way to spice up a room.

8 Replies to “DIY Decor”

  1. Oh cool! I just heard about it recently. Either way, new or old, it’s definitely an interesting idea. I think it would look wonderful up the stairs. I’d be excited to hear how it turns out 🙂

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