I absolutely adore this tree railing. I’ve been stumbling across it online forever, but the link was always just to the image and I didn’t want to post it until I found the designer. Well, I finally did and I am so happy! The railing and bench are from Imagination in Metals. It’s a very cool place, you can send them drawings and ideas and they will turn it into iron art. Even if you don’t want anything, I suggest going to this site. It’s fun to look around at all their beautiful designs and unique creations. I am truly impressed.

Tree Railing
Tree Railing
Branches & Birds Bench
Branches & Birds Bench

10 Replies to “Finally!!”

  1. Ohmygod. LOVE the tree railing. I want that for my home! …Which I will have. One day. Ha.
    Thanks for the comment on My Kingdom For a Margarita. 🙂

  2. Fee Fee-I also love how unique the railing is, and of course blog love is always appreciated 🙂

    Jill- It would be the BEST to have this railing in my own home, I am completely with you. I was very happy to stop by your blog, I think it’s really wonderful!

    Thecreme- Right!? It’s such a cool idea. I love you’re blog as well, it’s always so much fun to scroll through

    Severny- It’s always good to hear from you! I also think the design is great. It’s completely original and like nothing I have ever seen before.

  3. I’d like to offer a bit of rain on the parade. I build staircases for a living. There is absolutely no way this sort of railing would or should pass code.

    Look at the sharp ends pointing up. Has anyone reading this ever tripped going down stairs?

    When I see ‘railings’ like this, it gives me chills.

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