This morning I was browsing around the Apartment Therapy blog looking for inspiration and I was blown away when I saw the Story Teller shelves by Isabel Quiroga. I was thoroughly intrigued and proceeded to browse the internet for more of her designs and found the Foldable table, which is equally novel. Isabel Quiroga has a unique ability to transform ordinary household necessities into exceptional decor center-pieces. She is truly an inspiration.

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Storyteller Shelves

The application of desks as shelves is a wonderful way to reuse old furniture in an exceptional way. I love how functional the design is, you could use the space for storage, work, or decoration. In addition, they look fabulous!

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Isabel Quiroga
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Foldable Table

Isabel Quiroga also designed the Foldable table. It has legs which fold into the table and a silk-screen print that appears as a table cloth. Also, Isabel Quiroga inventively included a hole in the surface of the table so that it can be hung from a wall and double as a painting. Although these are the best snag-able pictures I could find, thanks to Yanko Design, they do not do the art aspect of the table justice. To see ones that do, visit the Isabel Quiroga website.

4 Replies to “Exceptionally Ordinary”

    1. It looks so cool and I definitely want it to be a DIY project!! I would just need some help figuring out how to best make it stable and functional. Sigh, I wish she would just come do it for me for free.

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