I go to school in RI and regularly find myself at the Providence Starbucks spending 4 bucks on a grande latte. I usually grumble as I scramble through my purse to pay for the rich drink in change, thinking about how much cheaper my genuine home-made coffee is. Although, when in desperate need of caffeine, I always make the purchase. I then retreat to a large brown comfy leather chair, or a cushioned window-sill seat and drink my coffee. I find myself at Starbucks over and over again because I really enjoy this time. I’ll spend intervals peering into the lives of others on the street from the safe-haven of the coffee shop, or strike up a conversation with another caffeine addict seated near me, but mostly I just get lost in a book. By the time I leave, I generally feel the 4 dollars I initially fussed over, were actually well spent. Thus, I find myself destined to return the next day or week only to repeat the process.

Occasionally, I wonder why I like Starbucks in particular. Is it the coffee? Yes I enjoy it, but like I said, it’s pricey. So no, that’s not it. Is it the trendy intellectual vibe I perceive myself to be giving off? Probably more than I’d like to admit. Or, is it the activity that accompanies my purchase? Partly, but I can read and people watch from many places. So no, that’s not it either. The one concrete answer I can come up with is the atmosphere. The walls are always painted deep, warm and inviting colors, the seating is consistently comfortable, and the coffee shops are all filled with chic art. Yes, it’s definitely the setting that I love. Although, buying $4 latte’s on a regular basis isn’t the best idea for a broke college student, even for one who is a serious fan of java ambiance. My solution? Coffee investment. I’ll bring the decor I love home with me and create the aura for myself. I found a ton of Starbucks stuff online and below I displayed a few of my favorites. Hope you like them (=

Art Deco Coffee Press
Art Deco Coffee Press
Cast Iron Tea Kettle
Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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