Dornob is a great website to visit for design ideas. I have been browsing through it a lot lately, and I love the Elkay sinks they found. I’m such a fan of the flowing river sinks, I love it when designers use nature as inspiration. Personally, I think  the Elkay designers incorporated nature beautifully into these sink designs. I also adore the geometric sinks, which are completely unique and totally eye catching designs.

Flowing River Sink
Flowing River Sink
Elkay Sinks
Elkay Sinks

4 Replies to “Interesting Sinks”

  1. Severny-Yes, very beautiful and the first one can be kind of practical. You can fill it with ice to chill beverages, food, and such. I thought that was cool, but you are definitely right, mostly they are not practical, just pretty (:

    Angelnina- The second to last sink is fantastic, I definitely wouldn’t mind having it in my kitchen.

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