Sometimes the best thing about a room is all the pretty little things. Coco Male has all sorts of great home decor accessories. Below are just a few of my favorites. The vases are simplistically beautiful, and in contrast, the beaded coaster is very intricate yet equally gorgeous. I adore the versatility and highly suggest checking out more pretty things from Coco Male.

Mosaic Candle Holders
Mosaic Candle Holders
Bamboo Brown Bird Placemats
Bamboo Brown Bird Placemats
Blue & Yellow Vases
Blue & Yellow Vases
Morrocan Beaded Coaster
Morrocan Beaded Coaster

6 Replies to “Pretty Little Things”

  1. i love little pieces. i just have to be careful as not to induce clutter!
    loving those blue candle holders.

    ps i love following your blog – i’m adding you to my daily reads blog roll.

  2. Hi Margaux,

    Don’t know if you practice feng shui but thought I would let you know of a site that sells feng shui hangings of alabaster and semi-precious stones, hand-designed by my good friend Rosanne. It’s and her work is extraordinary. I suggest you take a look at your convenience.

    Mike (mrpresto of homemade sauna fame)

  3. Amanda- Thanks so much for the compliment! I do worry about clutter because I love so many little things. Also, I’ve been out of the blogging world for a while but now that I’m back I checked up on your blog and I love it! You have posted a lot of lovely things and I can’t wait to see more. I have officially added you to my blog roll 🙂

    MrPresto- I am not familiar with the practice of Feng Shui but the idea has always intrigued me. I just look at your friend Rosanne’s jewelry and I agree It’s very beautiful. If you don’t mind I would love to incorporate it into a post within in the next week. Maybe using the beautiful colors as an idea for inspiration.

    Adrianna- The yellow on the inside of the vases definitely gives them that extra something to make them lovable. Glad you enjoy them so much! They are quite pretty (=

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