Today I found the store Velocity online and I am so happy. All the stuff below is eco friendly which is awesome. Also, the designs are really fantastic and like no other products I have seen before.

The Coat Range by Brave Space Design

World’s most awesome coat rack? I think so. The design is so creative and I think it would look perfect in a country home or a Timber Frame home. The materials used to make this coat rack are maple, walnut veneer, and water-based finished. Best part, this unique item is on sale for 15% off the original price of $195.00. Sweet!

The Sorapot by Joey Roth

And this is the world’s most awesome teapot. The design is completely unique and beautiful. I love that you can see the tea leaves inside the glass cylinder. My only question is how it heats up. I wonder if you place it on a burner like any other teapot? Hmmm… Well whatever, it’s cool and I like it.

The Turtle Floor Pillow by Amenity

Freakin’ adorable! The turtle and ladybug look like they wandered straight out of a fairytale onto the world’s cutest pillow.

Transglass Cut Vase by Emma Woffenden & Tord Boontje

The designers of this one have funny names but great taste! So pretty.

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