Yea… So my post title is a really bad pun inspired by Paris Hilton and firewood. I just couldn’t help myself. It’s ok though because this firewood storage designed by Ak47 is really cool. I found it at the blog Grassroots Modern and I am so happy. One of my biggest pet peeves living in VT is having to walk outside in the bitter cold while wearing pj’s and slippers to get wood for the stove. Doing it once a day is not that annoying but when I repeatedly need to go outside to stoke the fire up to 5 times a day the chore gets old. Which is why I love Ak47 fire storage because they have come up with a well-designed solution to my firewood dilemma. The only thing I do not like is the awkwardly placed female model reading a magazine next to the second design? She’s so random! As long as she doesn’t come with the firewood storage I’m pumped on the product. Oh! and the fire pit storage is really cool too, I just don’t have a personal need for it. Actually, it would be really great for marshmallow toasting and smore making. Yummm!

2 Replies to “That’s Hot”

  1. I love these ideas, especially the outdoor firepit! One day in the future, we are hoping to re-do our backyard and put in a firepit, this would be awesome. SoCal living allows for firepits like this, I have no idea what it would be like to have to go out in the freezing cold in my slippers to gather wood for the fire – burrrr;)

  2. I hope you do get a fire pit! They are great for small get togethers and delicious marshmallows. Haha but I’m a little jealous that you’ve never had to wander outside into the cold for firewood. I don’t recommend it 😉

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