French Oval Pane Cabinet
Madeleine Armchair
Pedestal Salvaged Wood Round Table
Trumeau Mirror

Restoration Hardware is an amazing place to shop. I was just browsing through their site, and literally, I fell in love with every single piece. My super favorites are the pictures I posted. I adore the cabinet, armchair, dining table, and the mirror. They’re all designed so beautifully. Restoration Hardware also has some really fantastic wicker furniture that is definitely worth checking out.

6 Replies to “Restoration Hardware”

  1. $1800 for a pedestal table that’s most likely made in China? No thanks. They can keep it. I can make a table like that for $300 in parts, labor and time.

  2. Thank you Mike. I am now aware of your claim that you are capable of making the same table. However, since you did not design it – I am not impressed. You also do not mass produce, and sell this table, therefore I am incapable of purchasing this gorgeous piece from you – still not impressed. Although, you do seem very capable of slyly elevating yourself by demeaning the worth of others work, and by making claims that you lack evidence to support. So congratulations.

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