So I’ve recently moved to Burlington, VT. This city is filled with art, music, and a culture that keeps my infinite thirst for pretty things quenched. One store in particular, Homeport, really blew my mind. I wish everyone could visit Homeport and see all the pretty live in person, but I realize that’s not practical. So I pulled some pictures from their website for a little taste of how great the store is. Online, they have a whole section for cutting boards! The store just has so much good stuff: definitely check it out. I promise it will be worth your time.


Tea Maker
Pretty Scissors
Wall Mounted Dish Rack

Wine Picnic Table
Camel Tea Pot

You are now leaving stylisholmes

Blue Willow Mug
Bamboo Dish Rack

Oh! and if you click the pictures, they bring you to the Homeport page, and give you a little bio on that particular product. My particular favorite is the bamboo dish rack. I have one in my house – it looks great, and is really nice for letting dishes dry on. I’m curious about how useful the wine picnic table would be, but I think it’s a neat concept, so definitely worth posting. Of course, all the other stuff I picked I think is great too. I mean really, who wouldn’t want fabulous scissors with pretty patterns?

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