The Most Beautiful Flat – Designed by Mica Ertegun

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I just stumbled upon an Architectural Digest article posted in August. The photos below belong to Architectural Digest and if you click them you can read the original article for yourself. It touches on interior design in Manhattan, and Mica Ertegun’s experience designing the apartment below.

I think Mica Ertegun‘s eye for design is fabulous. Her rooms are full of artistry, but just barely full. She has a way of putting exactly enough furniture and art in a room. The spaces she designs are mesmerizing but never overwhelming. Each piece of furniture, and each piece of art,  reaches the eye’s a spotlight.

One Reply to “The Most Beautiful Flat – Designed by Mica Ertegun”

  1. Great post! The rooms are nicely appointed, with plenty of space to breath. I know space comes at a premium in Manhattan apartments, so it’s nice to see the void used as a design element.

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